Ai Wei Wei: Yours Truly

Ai Wei Wei: Yours Truly

7G productions was the Motion Graphics source for “Ai Weiwei Yours Truly” a film about Chinese dissident artist and Prisoner of Conscience Ai WeiWei. The film details his 2013-14 exhibition on Alcatraz Island. At the core of the exhibit were portraits of prisoners of conscience coupled with the opportunity to write postcards of solidarity to the imprisoned. In this powerful film, exhibition curator Cheryl Haines visits several current and former prisoners, including American whistleblower Chelsea Manning, and learns how these postcards were vital to their survival. The state of current events surrounding Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange draw even more relevance to the film. 7G Productions was responsible for all motion graphic creation including the film’s opening title sequence, creative animation sequences titles and lower thirds. The film premiered at The San Francisco International Film Festival, an organization I worked with for many years. This is a strong passionate film and it was an honor to work closely with editor Gina Leibrecht to see it to completion.

  • Ai Wei Wei: Yours Truly

    Ai Wei Wei: Yours Truly

    7G productions was the Motion Graphics Post Production company of choice for this important and moving film by Cheryl Haines. The movie documents the 2013 exhibition by world renowned dissident artist Ai WeiWei.

  • Samsung Artik

    Samsung Artik

    This explainer video dives into the world of marketing “internet of things” products. Lots of morphing and cartoon style animation on this one. Visual content was created and provided by Atomic D and all animation was done here at 7G productions.

  • Epic Sciences

    Epic Sciences

    This logo animation was produced in after effects using Video Copilot’s Element plug in. 7G productions was responsible for the creative content and concept.

  • Ebay Open 16x9

    Ebay Open 16×9

    This video was produced for Ebay for their Open campaign to kick off their presentation for CES. The final video was formatted for a wide screen presentation spanning the entire stage set. 7G productions was responsible for motion graphics and editorial of both the widescreen and 16x9 conversion.

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