Cytokenitics explainer video

Cytokenitics explainer video

Cytokenitics explainer video

7G productions provided the majority of production services for this project for Bay Area pharma company Cytokenitics. From storyboards to full concept animation it was a real blast working with producer Brian Zaleski finding the right creative approach to explain the research and development of therapies for people suffering from diseases that rob them of key muscle functions. The project was edited and animated in Adobe After Effects but also relied heavily on Adobe Character Animator. The characters had to be individually created in illustrator to match file structure for Adobe Animator. Over the course of the project careful attention was paid to scientific concepts and pharmaceutical interactions. View the video here

Here is the full video for your viewing pleasure

7G productions creates our storyboards in After Effects to streamline the production process. Producing the boards in AE jump starts the animation and layout process speeding the transition from preproduction to animation. Here are some of the storyboards created for this project.

Selected scenes from the video

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