• App Dynamics

    App Dynamics

    This video was produced for SF based App Dynamics. 7G productions provided compositing and motion graphics for FridaysFilms and Atomic D.

  • Voyance


    This network analytics oriented vector animation required a fair amount of organizing in Adobe Illustrator to allow for a smooth workflow in AE. Properly constructed vector storyboards serve as a crucial link to streamline into animation ready files.

  • SHC Navigator

    SHC Navigator

    Produced for Stanford Heath care. This series of connected vector animations took roughly a week to complete.

  • D&B High Value Customers

    D&B High Value Customers

    Produced for Dream Force by Atomic D of San Francisco this video for Dun & Bradstreet was entirely animated by 7G Productions

  • American Cyclery IndieGoGo

    American Cyclery IndieGoGo

    This video was produced by 7G Productions for American Cyclery to promote their IndieGoGo Fundraising page. The video highlights the history of American Cyclery, the design of the future parklet.



    This is the story of a San Francisco-based project on a mission to help keep soul music alive.This 3-minute epic features Otis members, some of the baddest musicians in the Bay Area, some of our many headline singers and cameos by many others, including Xan McCurdy of Cake and Karina Denike.

  • Pandora Next Big Sound

    Pandora Next Big Sound

    Working in conjunction with Atomic D of San Francisco 7G productions did all the animating on this piece for Pandora's AMP program.

  • Galileo Innovation Camps

    Galileo Innovation Camps

    Galileo Innovation Camps foster innovation and visionary thinking in over 40 locations around the Bay Area. 7G productions provided the editing and motion graphics for this Web Video shot by Big Mouth. My son Jackson also appears as the second interview in the video.

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