• 7G Animation Reel 2017

    7G Animation Reel 2017

    7G productions is a San Francisco based production company specializing in After Effects, Motion Graphics and Post Production

  • App Dynamics

    App Dynamics

    This video was produced for SF based App Dynamics. 7G productions provided compositing and motion graphics for FridaysFilms and Atomic D.

  • Voyance


    This network analytics oriented vector animation required a fair amount of organizing in Adobe Illustrator to allow for a smooth workflow in AE. Properly constructed vector storyboards serve as a crucial link to streamline into animation ready files.

  • SHC Navigator

    SHC Navigator

    Produced for Stanford Heath care. This series of connected vector animations took roughly a week to complete.

  • Innovator's Accelerator University of Phoenix Sizzle

    Innovator’s Accelerator University of Phoenix Sizzle

    This video was edited at Elastic Creative. Innovators Accelerator is a program featuring high powered minds in the field of innovation. I was responsible for the edit and the majority of the After Effects production. Expand your mind

  • Samsung Water Crisis

    Samsung Water Crisis

    Produced for Samsung and Artik by Atomic D and 7G Productions this video features smart solutions to our ongoing water shortages.

  • Stanford Health Care OnBoarding

    Stanford Health Care OnBoarding

    Produced by Atomic D of San Francisco, 7G productions provided all of the motion graphics animation for this piece

  • Medtronic Brand Video

    Medtronic Brand Video

    7G productions worked for Elastic Creative on this Branding Video for Medtronic. All animation was done by 7G Productions

  • The Barlow Web Video

    The Barlow Web Video

    The Barlow brings together the very best wine makers, food producers and artisans, creating a space that offers a direct connection between the consumer and the makers of the local products they love. This video was edited by 7G productions with the shooting done by Venture Media Direct. 7G also provided musical composition and motion graphics.

  • SAP Top Five

    SAP Top Five

    SAP Sybase wanted an animation program highlighting the “Top 5″ reasons to choose their top-tier relational database product, Adaptive Server Enterprise. This video was animated by 7G productions and produced by Full Frame Productions of San Francisco.

  • Razorfish Best Buy

    Razorfish Best Buy

    This video was produced in conjunction with Full Frame and Razorfish of San Francisco

  • Cisco


    This video was produced by Westernized here in San Francisco. 7G productions animated the majority of the piece with the exception of the UI animation. This video presented a challenges manipulating the browser window as it assembled and disassembled itself. Thanks to Westernized for the great Art direction and production.

  • SAP Dummies

    SAP Dummies

    This video was produced in conjunction with Full Frame Productions SAP and Sybase. This entirely vector based animation was used to promote a tie in with Dummies books. 7G provided all animation and motion graphics for Full Frame.

  • Sybase Mobility

    Sybase Mobility

    This video was produced in conjunction with Full Frame Productions here in San Francisco. There was a significant amount matting, compositing, and motion tracking involved with this piece. 7g provided all animation and motion graphics for Full Frame.

  • Access Trial Video 1

    Access Trial Video 1

    This is the first video we made for recruitment into the ACCESS trial for Lupus. We shot the piece at Well's Fargo creative studios and on location at UCSF. 7G did the editing graphics and music composition and Kevin White and Full Frame productions handled the pre-production, direction, and scriptwriting. Thanks for the extra help from Immune Tolerance Network and Jeff Mathews.

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