• 7G Animation Reel 2017

    7G Animation Reel 2017

    7G productions is a San Francisco based production company specializing in After Effects, Motion Graphics and Post Production

  • App Dynamics

    App Dynamics

    This video was produced for SF based App Dynamics. 7G productions provided compositing and motion graphics for FridaysFilms and Atomic D.

  • Voyance


    This network analytics oriented vector animation required a fair amount of organizing in Adobe Illustrator to allow for a smooth workflow in AE. Properly constructed vector storyboards serve as a crucial link to streamline into animation ready files.

  • SHC Navigator

    SHC Navigator

    Produced for Stanford Heath care. This series of connected vector animations took roughly a week to complete.

  • Innovator's Accelerator University of Phoenix Sizzle

    Innovator’s Accelerator University of Phoenix Sizzle

    This video was edited at Elastic Creative. Innovators Accelerator is a program featuring high powered minds in the field of innovation. I was responsible for the edit and the majority of the After Effects production. Expand your mind

  • Samsung Water Crisis

    Samsung Water Crisis

    Produced for Samsung and Artik by Atomic D and 7G Productions this video features smart solutions to our ongoing water shortages.

  • Stanford Health Care OnBoarding

    Stanford Health Care OnBoarding

    Produced by Atomic D of San Francisco, 7G productions provided all of the motion graphics animation for this piece

  • Medtronic Brand Video

    Medtronic Brand Video

    7G productions worked for Elastic Creative on this Branding Video for Medtronic. All animation was done by 7G Productions

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