• Galileo Innovation Camps

    Galileo Innovation Camps

    Galileo Innovation Camps foster innovation and visionary thinking in over 40 locations around the Bay Area. 7G productions provided the editing and motion graphics for this Web Video shot by Big Mouth. My son Jackson also appears as the second interview in the video.

  • D&B Data Integrated

    D&B Data Integrated

    Produced for Dream Force by Atomic D of San Francisco this video for Dun & Bradstreet was entirely animated by 7G Productions

  • Jim Marshall Interview

    Jim Marshall Interview

    7G productions produced this video for MS Friends, a organization which benefits those recently diagnosed with MS.

  • Samsung Water Crisis

    Samsung Water Crisis

    Produced for Samsung and Artik by Atomic D and 7G Productions this video features smart solutions to our ongoing water shortages.

  • Medtronic Brand Video

    Medtronic Brand Video

    7G productions worked for Elastic Creative on this Branding Video for Medtronic. All animation was done by 7G Productions

  • 10,000 Degrees

    10,000 Degrees

    This video was made to highlight the excellent work of Bay Area philanthropic organization 10000 Degrees. Great work from James Chiang and JP Dobrin on camera, Salvador Santana on Narration, and the music of Kevin Army. Big Mouth was the agency of record and 7G assisted with editing, motion graphics and delivery. 

  • The Barlow Web Video

    The Barlow Web Video

    The Barlow brings together the very best wine makers, food producers and artisans, creating a space that offers a direct connection between the consumer and the makers of the local products they love. This video was edited by 7G productions with the shooting done by Venture Media Direct. 7G also provided musical composition and motion graphics.

  • Cisco


    This video was produced by Westernized here in San Francisco. 7G productions animated the majority of the piece with the exception of the UI animation. This video presented a challenges manipulating the browser window as it assembled and disassembled itself. Thanks to Westernized for the great Art direction and production.

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