• 10,000 Degrees

    10,000 Degrees

    This video was made to highlight the excellent work of Bay Area philanthropic organization 10000 Degrees. Great work from James Chiang and JP Dobrin on camera, Salvador Santana on Narration, and the music of Kevin Army. Big Mouth was the agency of record and 7G assisted with editing, motion graphics and delivery. 

  • BMXorcist


    I made this video for a Converse shoes video competition. This was all done Gorilla style with Dan Schmeltzer, Jesse Lindow on camera. The Band featured is  San Francisco based Cantocore band Say Bok Gwai. My buddy Flame is doing the flatland BMX tricks. Totally fun.

  • Camputee Press

    Camputee Press

    I love Camputee Press! I shot and edited this video for my favorite screen printing shop. Eric Gonzales Rules it!

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